Hello Everyone!

We heard there’s a big debate out there about whether or not dogs should wear clothes! Some people think it’s absolutely absurd for dogs to wear clothes. We are here to defend the people who put their pups in clothes. Now we aren’t saying we are experts (even though we are dogs) but we have something to say about the benefits of clothes.

Sometimes, believe it or not, we dogs get cold! We have medium coats so it’s not too bad for us but some of the those other guys don’t have much protection against the elements! For example, hairless dogs can get sunburned! Can you believe it? We thought that was just a hooman thing. Clothing can really help the hairless pups stay safe and protect them against skin cancer. Another example is the pups with shorter coats! They need more fluff to protect them from the rain and snow! We personally don’t hate the rain, so we can handle not going out in a raincoat, but after awhile we get cold too hoomans! We need sweatshirts just as much as you. You guys don’t walk around naked in the snow and rain! So why should we?

Now don’t get us wrong, we do hate clothes sometimes. Luna especially doesn’t love clothes but that doesn’t stop our mom! Mom sometimes puts us in “costumes” which have no benefit at all except to make her happy, which I guess makes us happy too. And we do enjoy all the attention we get when we are in a stylish outfit. You hoomans are always calling us “cute” and “precious” and giving us extra love and attention.

Anyway, let’s put aside the great debate of whether or not dogs should wear clothes. If you are ardently against pups in clothes then you should probably stop reading now because we want to share some of our style with you so that your pets can be chic like us.