Let’s start with dog bandanas! These are huge in the dog/cat/pet world! There’s a bunch of wonderful companies that make pawsome bandanas to keep us pets stylish 😎.

Some of our favorite companies are Whiskers & Stitched and Lucy & CO! Check out how good we look in their bandanas:


Milo in Whiskers and Stitched


Milo in Whiskers and Stitched Limited Edition Unicorn Print Bandana! This one is an absolute favorite of Mom’s! 


Casper in Whiskers and Stitched Blue Floral Print Bandana


Casper in Whiskers and Stitched



Luna in a Lucy & CO bandana! 

Drake Bandana


We absolutely love this Drake bandana by Handpicked by Hadlie. We are big fans of Drake, our bed, and our momma so this is the perfect bandana for us. What’s awesome about these bandanas is that they are made with a slightly curved neckline, which  makes it the perfect fit for us pups. This bandana is also super comfy. We got it in the medium size and love how it fits!






This tie-dye bandana is so cute! It’s by I DIG and you can find it here.

Cute print tie-on bandanas from Dog Charms!

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