The hoomans like collars because in the past we have been able to slip out of our harnesses if they’re not tightened enough. We still wear harnesses but the hoomans have to make sure they’re extra tight before we go on walks together. We originally did not have collars because Luna had a small trachea when she was born and collars pressed on it and caused her to choke. Now, her trachea has grown and we all can wear collars so we wear both harnesses and collars!

Mom really likes the Designer Italian Leather Dog Collars by Dog ID:


These collars are made from Double Ply Italian Leather so they are very soft and also durable. What’s cool about these collars is that the company allows you to personalize them with a laser engraved nameplate made from nickel plated hardware. We each have one of these in case we ever get lost and we wear them around the house! Milo has the yellow one, Luna has the deep red, Poppy has the pink one, and Casper has the light blue. We ordered it a size up for Poppy so she can’t fit it yet.

Here are some pictures of us in our collars:


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