About The Little Aussies

The Little Aussies are toy Australian Shepherds. Their names are Luna, Casper, Milo (Porkchop), and Poppy. They enjoy being outdoors, herding each other, and peanut butter.

About Luna

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Luna was the first toy Australian Shepherd in the family. We fell in love with her and the breed. Luna has a loving, outgoing, and energetic personality. She is the most high energy of The Little Aussies and enjoys long runs and being outside. She is the fastest and the most athletic dog in the family. She is a blue merle and she was born on May 21, 2017. She has many nicknames: Lulu, Loon, Lunatic, Looney Tunes, and Lunagi.


About Casper

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Casper was our second toy Australian Shepherd. We found him by chance from a local Colorado breeder. His coloring is a bi blue merle, which means he lacks the tan accents of other blue merles, like Luna and Milo. Casper is a very loving dog that loves being around his humans. He is big on cuddling. Casper is a little wary of strangers and has become the family’s guard dog. He is very alert and barks at new people and when the doorbell rings. As soon as he knows a person is a friend he loves curling up next to them. Casper was born November 13, 2017. His nicknames are Caspy and Caspita.


About Milo

Bandana by Handpicked by Hadlie!

Milo aka Porkchop is a blue merle male with a strong personality. His nickname is Porkchop because he absolutely loves to eat and doesn’t like to share his food. He’s brilliant and very food driven when it comes to training. He is also a big mama’s boy and he can’t stand being alone. He loves to always be in his humans arms. He’s a big snuggler  and he loves attention. Milo is also very playful with the other dogs and he has a very strong herding instinct. He is from a great breeder in Southern California (SoCal Toy Aussies). He was born on March 6, 2018. His nicknames are Milosh, Miloshka, Miloshkini, Porky, and Porkchop.


About Poppy

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Poppy is the newest member of The Little Aussies. She is a red merle female. She is a very sweet and playful little girl. She loves to play with her siblings and gets along well with all of them. Poppy is also very brave. Nothing seems to scare her. She’s got a big appetite like Milo. She was born on August 8, 2018. Her nicknames are Poppers, Poprocks, and Big Papi 😎.