Finding the perfect crown can be a bit tricky so why not build your own? It’s a lot more fun and can also be a lot cheaper. These crowns were super easy and quick to make and required absolutely no sewing! I’m a novice at arts and crafts and I did it easily and trust me when I say if I can do it then you can do it.

These are perfect for your kids or pets! I don’t have kids yet so I did it for my dogs because I wanted to take cute pictures and I didn’t want to purchase an expensive one online.

To make these crowns all you need is:

  1. Foam
  2. Scissors
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Elastic bands
  5. Crown template (I just searched for this on Google and picked my favorite ones! When you go to print just select scale to fit so that it prints a big version of the crown.)


  1. Fun stickers!


  1. Gather your supplies (I found everything I needed at Joann’s Fabric Store! It was fun going through the aisles and picking out the different materials and stickers I wanted to use.)DSC_0547.jpg
  2. Print out templates:
    • I picked these templates to draw onto my foam. If you’re making this for a kid you’ll need to draw the template on the foam about two times side by side). DSC_0545.jpg
  3. Cut out templates: DSC_0546.jpg
  4. Draw the outline of the template on the piece of foam you want to use for the crown.
  5. Cut out your outline:
    1. DSC_0548.jpg
  6. Decorate your outline! Just leave the last point and base area of the crown blank because you are going to glue over this. You can see below how I left the right point/base blank.
    1. DSC_0555.jpg
  7. Glue the two sides of your crown together so that the part you left blank is lined up underneath the left point.
    1. DSC_0556.jpg
  8. Cut out two holes on both sides of your crown in order to make room for the elastic string. You can use a hole puncher or just a pair of scissors. DSC_0562.jpg
  9. Loop elastic string through one hole.
  10. Measure how much elastic string you need based on who will be wearing the crown. If you’re making it for you kid just have them try it on to measure.
  11. Tie the elastic string to both holes.
    1. DSC_0563.jpgDSC_0564
  12. It’s time to wear it!


Clearly they’re at the best birthday party ever! Just look at those face 🙂
Casper’s first birthday is coming up on November 3rd!

We hope you found this helpful!


The Little Aussies

🌙Luna, 👻Casper , 🐷Milo (Porkchop), and 🌺Poppy