Our Newest Addition

Poppy is the newest addition to our happy little family! She is a red merle female Toy Aussie from Colorado!

When Luna and Casper met Poppy they were an instant mini family! Luna and Casper acted like Poppy was their love child and protected her when Milo would growl at her. Milo’s used to being the baby of the family so he was a little jealous when Poppy came into the picture, much like when parents introduce a new baby to their toddlers. My mom tells stories of how my sister absolutely hated me when I first arrived. Lindsay, my older sister by two years, used to hit my head and pinch my skin until I cried. My mom, being the clever woman she is, came up with a plan to make Lindsay like me. She hid candy in my hand and would say to Lindsay, “Look what Lauren got you!” Now this was the beginning of a beautiful, tumultuous relationship between my sister and I 😂.

Anyway I’m getting off track. When Milo met Poppy he reacted a lot like Lindsay did when she met me. He would growl and bark if she got too close. This had Luna and Casper leaping to Poppy’s defense and ganging up against Milo (basically barking at him and telling him in dog language to shut up and leave the cute little baby alone).

Naturally, Poppy picked Milo as her favorite sibling and relentlessly pursued him. She would bite him, follow him around, and pretty much ignore all of his hints to leave him alone. Us little siblings rarely do take the hint. Eventually, Milo got used to Poppy, much like the grumpy old man in Up! gets used to Russell, the boy scout that plagues him.

Poppy is now Milo’s best friend and he gets jealous when anyone else plays with her. He wants Poppy’s full attention. Milo absolutely loves Poppy (a little too much if you know what I mean). He has never humped anything before but he’s crazy about Poppy ;). Milo is also a big believer in eating everything he possibly can (including the dry wall…), but he shares with Poppy! We nicknamed Milo Porkchop because he’s a real hog when it comes to food 😂.

It’s safe to say that all of The Little Aussies have welcomed Poppy into their gang!

Signing off!


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