Charms and Tags

Looking for the perfect ID tag? Here’s a compilation of ID tags we love!

Piglet ID Tag


Porkchop’s ID tag is from Doggone Tags! It is designed from nickel, silver, and copper. The tags are cut out of sheet metal, heated, stamped, and pounded. They come with a split ring for hanging on your pet’s collar. They personalize it on front with your pet’s name and on back you can fit two phone numbers! They have a lot of other designs too! If you want to personalize a design the shop owner will work with you! Here are some designs we like:

Opal Moon and Star ID Tag


Luna’s ID tag is from Family Wedding Jewelry! We absolutely love it. It comes with a blue moon charm attached to it! It’s made from aluminum and 1″ thick. They have a bunch of other designs:

Ghost ID Tag


Casper’s ID Tag is a ghost from Island Top Custom Tags! It is handcrafted from mixed metals, including nickel silver and copper. You can have your dog’s name stamped onto the front of the tag like we did for Casper. It keeps your pet safe in case they ever get lost. This tag can also be used as a key fob or luggage ID tag. The company will also stamp your phone number on the back for no extra charge. The tags also come with two split rings.


Poppy Tag

This dog tag from WagATudeTags is really nice. It is a lot thicker than we expected it to be. This particular tag has a stylish watercolor design, is waterproof, scratchproof, and durable. It can be personalized in front with your pet’s name and on the backside with contact details. It includes a split ring to attach to your pet’s collar. Some more designs by WagATudeTags:

Three Little Poppies Tag


This tag is from Ebony Paws Pets! We adore it because it is perfect for Poppy! Your information goes on the back of the tag. Here are some other designs by Ebony Paws Pets:


We hope you find the purfect ID tag for your pet!

Talk to you soon!

The Little Aussies

🌙Luna, 👻Casper , 🐷Milo (Porkchop), and 🌺Poppy


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