Snoozing in Style

Who would nap all day if they could? We sure do when we are not out playing. We sleep 12-14 hours a day so we need a soft bed to keep us happy. Well most of us do… some of us are happy on the floor or coffee table (aka Casper).

If you hoomans really enjoy pampering us then what better way to do it then by buying us an awesome bed? We discovered some really comfy beds that are also stylish in the home!

What hooman doesn’t love a nice throw? None! It’s the same answer for us dogs. If you’re looking for a stylish rug that’ll also double as a perfect dog bed then you need the Asher Throw from Sir Dogwood.

These throws are ethically made from the hair of Icelandic sheep. What’s great about these is that they are water resistant. Who else is always spilling their water bowl? Maybe it’s just Porkchop (he loves to endlessly dig to the bottom of the water bowl), but we have a feeling there are other mischievous water spillers out there.

Anyway these throws come in three different colors: white, black, and gray. Because these throws are made from sheepskin every throw is unique but the company tries to stay true to one size which has the measurements of approximately 32in/81.3cm L x 24in/61cm W.

Washing these is easy too! Sir Dogwood recommends spot cleaning it but if you must clean the whole thing (because let’s face it us dogs can be messy) then submerge it in lukewarm water and avoid detergents with enzymes. It’ll take some time to dry so just lay it out until it’s ready for your pet again!


We also love the pet teepees from Love Thy Beast. We love teepees because they make us feel safe and are a great hideaway (from the hoomans and each other…)! We love being completely surrounded with one lookout point so we can see who’s coming up to play. The teepees from Love Thy Beast are great for the hoomans too because they’re easy to set up! The pillows that come with these teepees are removable and these teepees are machine washable! All the hoomans have to do is remove the interior cushions and the pine wood support poles and then throw it in the wash.

Check out these groovy styles:


The teepee also comes in black which is nice because the hoomans say black matches almost everything.



Okay this one we absolutely love! The hoomans love the design and are so happy it is now available in the US because of a company founded in 2018 called For The Furry. This online shop has brought amazing global designs to the US.

One of the hoomans favorites is the bed pictured above by the German brand MiaCara. The hoomans love it because it is sleek and design driven so it looks so good in the home. We love it because it has a comfortable foam cushion. Unfortunately, this bed only comes in one size (30″ x 16″ with a 24″ circumference). Sorry big dogs!

Bad-Marlon-Marron-Navy-1.jpg      Bad-Marlon-Marron-Navy-2.jpg

We also love this Marron Bed designed by a South Korean company called Bad Marlon. Again, you can find this bed on For the Furry. It’s another bed made for small dogs under 18 lbs. The hoomans love the style and we love how it’s comfortable and how it has a hood which allows us to hide away and feel protected. If you say you aren’t jealous of this poodle pictured above then we’d say you’re lying.


You can’t go wrong with a classic square bed. We especially love the beds that have a wrap-around headrest. The headrest adds extra comfort that we love. The Woven Dot Square Snuggle Bed from Waggo has all the essential elements of a bed: comfort, style, and variety. You can get this bed in cream, light grey, and chambray. And if you don’t like the dots on this bed you can also get it in a stripe design!

The hoomans love that this comes in different sizes. They always go for big beds because there’s so many of us and we love to cuddle. Plus this bed comes with a removable cover that is machine washable!


Some might say this shop takes matching to the extreme but we personally love it! Ever want your dogs clothes, leashes, and bed to match? Then we have the place for you! It’s called FuzzYard!


If you’re really into having matching stuff then just pick your favorite pattern and FuzzYard is likely going to have it in apparel, bedding, leashes, collars, and accessories. We really dig the fleece-lined vests from this place. Have no fear big dogs! FuzzYard has these vests in 7 different sizes!


There’s so many different styles that we can’t even begin to list them all here but check out some of our favorites below!

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 8.25.28 PM
For the snackers!
Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 8.26.30 PM
For the shapely ones 😉
Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 8.25.54 PM
For the ones who are always monkeying around!
Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 8.26.10 PM
For the lickers!

Check out all of the different styles at FuzzYard!

We hope you find your purrrrfect bed!


The Little Aussies

🌙Luna, 👻Casper , 🐷Milo (Porkchop), and 🌺Poppy


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