Clearly Loved Pets

Sometimes it’s important to contain your pet. For example, new puppies are like babies that need to be protected and post-surgical pets need to rest even if they think they don’t. Hoomans also think cages are important to protect furniture and walls and stop a pet from going to the bathroom on a nice rug or carpet. We personally don’t see the problem with this. The hoomans thought Porkchop was a menace when he was a baby because he chewed the wood stairs and a hole in the wall. How he did it the hoomans may never know but we think he’s genius. It was truly revolutionary for snack time.

We aren’t saying we understand all your reasons for cages but if you hoomans must lock us up we prefer you do it in style. If you can use a clear cage that’d be nice too… we do like to watch you all the time (especially when you’re eating) and we need a clear view to do so.

We found the perfect clear cage made out of acrylic walls for you hoomans to get your pets. It’s from Clearly Loved Pets. Get it? Clearly? We don’t. Hoomans are weird. Anyway, the hoomans also seem to be big fans of this pen because it goes with the “home decor” or something like that. We like how the hoomans don’t seem to mind these cages being in the family room because they’re aesthetically pleasing. Being Australian Shepherds, we insist on being a part (or central part) of the family.

These pens come in three size options (we personally think the bigger the better 😉 ) and the company also sells expansion kits! These pens also come in a couple different colors: pink, blue, green, and silver. The hoomans like having these options. They also like the option to disassemble the pen whenever to move it somewhere else or store it.


Lots of love,

The Little Aussies

🌙Luna, 👻Casper , 🐷Milo (Porkchop), and 🌺Poppy

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