Tips for Picking a New Dog

  1. Research the breed to make sure it is right for your lifestyle
    • Do you have children?
      • If so then you will need a breed that is known for being good with kids.
    • Are there other dogs in your home?
      • Watch how your prospective puppy acts around other dogs. If he or she doesn’t get along with them then it is unlikely they will get along with your dog(s).
    • Are you a couch potato?
      • This is important because some dog breeds require a lot more exercise than other dog breeds. Can you provide them with what they need?
    • Do you live in a small apartment?
      • If your puppy is going to grow to be a giant then this may not be the best environment for them. Furthermore, if you’re renting a lot of places don’t allow large dogs. Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 2.00.00 PM.png
  2. Visit to learn about the dog’s personality
    • To get to know a dog’s real personality ignore him/her at first and stand or sit nearby so they can get comfortable with your presence.
    • Pay attention to the puppy’s body language and energy.
      • Dogs that run to the front of the cage show signs of anxiety and dominance.
      • The ones that stay in the corner could have shyness problems. Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 2.01.10 PM.png
    • Ask breeder or shelter about the dogs’ personalities.
    • Interact with the dogs individually.
      • Pick up each puppy.
        • If the puppy reacts by squealing and wiggling, this is not a good sign. A small struggle is okay as long as it ends.
      • Sit or kneel on the ground and call the puppy to you.
        • If he or she comes quickly they may have a stronger attachment to people.
        • If the puppy doesn’t come right away they may have a more independent personality.
      • Turn puppy on back and hold it’s neck loosely.
        • If the puppy is okay with this then they will be okay with letting you be alpha. Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 1.58.31 PM.png
  3. Check the dog’s health
    • Do a hearing and vision test:
      • Hearing test: clap your hands behind the puppy’s head to see if they react.
      • Vision test: roll a ball within the puppy’s vision and see if they follow the ball with their eyes.
    • Check the puppy’s ears, mouth, eyes, and coats.
      • Their ears should be clean and so should their gums.
      • Healthy puppies have clear eyes without discharge.
      • Puppies should have shiny coats.
    • Check the puppy’s breathing.
      • See how they react to exercise.
      • See if they run normally without a limp (this could be a sign of joint issues that can affect them all their lives). Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 1.56.55 PM.png
  4. If the dog is a puppy look at the parents and ask yourself: Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 1.59.02 PM.png
    • Do you like their size?
    • Do you like the way they look?
    • Do you like their dispositions?
    • There’s a strong chance the puppies will look and act like their parents.
  5. Don’t be afraid to walk away if you don’t find a dog that is right for you. 
  6. Take dog to vet after getting him or her for a checkup.
  7. Be patient and kind. Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 2.03.36 PM.png

Good luck and we hope you find your perfect dog!

If you are still wondering what kind of breed you should get check out our BuzzFeed quiz and see what you get!

Lots of love,

The Little Aussies

🌙Luna, 👻Casper , 🐷Porkchop, and 🌺Poppy





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