Nice Digs

Nice Digs is a pawsome shop for dogs and their modern pawrents! This shop offers high quality goods that are both durable and stylish. You have to check them out if you’ve been on the lookout for stylish pet goods.

We especially dig their Wanderlust Collection because of its vivid prints and awesome textures!

Here’s some of our favorites:

Velvet Snuggle Bed

Available in peach, copper, midnight blue, and evergreen! This bed was designed with the burrowers in mind. Porky is definitely one of these burrowers (sorry to call you out brother). He is always trying to burry himself under the blankets so this bed is truly ideal for him. It has an in-built velvet blanket which is perfect for Porkchop.

Wanderlust Digitally Printed Bed

This bed was designed with Mexico in mind and we absolutely love it. We love how this bed has two different prints… it’s like having two different beds! A bonus for the hoomans is that the cover can be removed for cleaning very easily because the bed has a gold zipper closure.

Palm Springs Digitally Printed Dog Bed

Can anyone say summer? This bed reminds the hoomans of summertime and hanging out by the pool. Also check out how cute those doggos are!

Spike Leather Dog Collar

Do you have an edgy pup or want an edgy pup? If yes, you need these adorable spiked collars. Mom has never been a huge fan of spiked collars but she thinks these are absolutely adorable!

Velvet Dog Collar (and matching leashes)

The hoomans love velvet so they’re big fans of these collars! We like them because they’re soft.

Confetti Leashes (and matching collars!)

Feeling festive? Our hoomans love this design which is hand painted! These are made of lightweight and durable vegetable-tanned leather.

Monstera Dog Bandana

Mom’s a big fan of leaves… especially monstera leaves. She even has pictures of them on her bedroom walls so the hoomans like this bandana more of preference for the design. This bandana is square and has a leather path with the Nice Digs name on it.

Wild Thing Dog Bandana

Cute wild print bandana to bring out the wild side in your pup!

Wanderlust Dog Bandana

This super cute and colorful bandana will surely have your pet turning heads.

Lots of love,

The Little Aussies

🌙Luna, 👻Casper , 🐷Milo (Porkchop), and 🌺Poppy

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