Instagram Love: Three of Our Favorite Pet Accounts

1. little_miss_blue_eye 

We adore this account because of the beautiful pastel colors, the editing, and the theme. The account is dedicated to Tika, a stunning toy red merle Australian Shepherd, who lives half the time in the United States and the other half of the time in Germany. Every three pictures have the same color scheme which is very pleasing to the eye, because Instagram displays posts by threes. Check out some of this sweet girl’s recent posts:

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 5.14.06 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 5.15.14 PM.png

2. modernpup

This account features two bulldogs in their colorful modern home. We love the splash of color they add to our feed.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 5.21.01 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 5.21.27 PM.png

3. goldilocksandthewolf

This account features stunning photography of nature and a woman with her two pups. As you can see the instagram is named perfectly:


Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 5.26.05 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 5.26.40 PM.png

Lots of love, 

The Little Aussies

🌙Luna, 👻Casper , 🐷Milo (Porkchop), and 🌺Poppy

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