Bingo Pets

Hello friends! If you’re looking for an online pet store check out Bingo Pets. They have a lot of everything and we’ve ordered a bunch from them! If you like anything you can use code AUSSIES15 for 15% off. Check out some of the products we like:

Double Leash:


If there’s more than one dog in your family then you should check this out. We ordered this so the hoomans don’t have to hold so many leashes. The hoomans really like it and find it convenient!

Hands Free Dog Leash


We got this too because our hoomans love hands free dog leashes. They like to be able to use their phone and talk with their hands and not worry about us running after a squirrel.

Shoulder Bag


We have one of these and the hoomans love it! You can tighten the head hole so your pet can’t jump out! Plus, it is made with breathable material so we don’t get overheated. This was great for us when we were puppies and hadn’t had our vaccines yet but still wanted to experience walks. The hoomans don’t really use this anymore unless we are traveling so they recommend it more for puppies and small dogs. We are a very active and athletic breed so the hoomans just let us walk now.

Portable Pet Bowl Feeder


The hoomans highly recommend this to pet owners that travel a lot with their pets or hike with their pets because its very easy to use! They use the carabiner and attach it to our leashes and then they share their water with us by expanding it. It’s not bulky because it collapses into a flat disc.

You can pretty much find these anywhere so just look online for the best deal because they’re all very similar. We noticed the price is high on Bingo Pet’s site so we recommend getting it somewhere else unless you have a discount code that brings it down. Just compare this with what it is on Amazon or at PetSmart for the best deal.

Fleece Blanket


We absolutely love these blankets because they’re so soft! Mom always puts them in our crate and we love to snuggle up on them. We own a lot of these! We don’t recommend these for big dogs though because even the biggest size is not very big.

Waterproof Jackets: 


Our hoomans think these are so cute and they want to protect us in the winter so they got us these! We are still waiting for these to come in so we will do a more comprehensive review later, but the hoomans ordered an orange, blue, black, and red one!

Lots of love,

The Little Aussies

🌙Luna, 👻Casper , 🐷Milo (Porkchop), and 🌺Poppy



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