Toys We Love!

Today we want to share some of our favorite toys with you!

Toys for Vigorous Chewers!

KONG Classic Dog Toy

We absolutely love the KONG Classic Dog Toy! We highly recommend this toy for all dogs. It entertains us for hours and it’s even better when Mom stuffs peanut butter or almond butter into it. It’s a good way to occupy your dog when you leave the house or just need some quiet time. Remember to get low sodium peanut butter and check to make sure it doesn’t contain xylitol because this ingredient can be deadly for us. Freeze the toy with peanut butter for longer hours of play! These toys come in all different sizes and colors!

KONG Wubba Toy

53451_PT2._AC_SL1500_V1476296268_.jpgThe KONG Wubba Toy is another great toy for those vigorous chewers!

This toy is made with two balls. One of the balls is a tennis ball and the other ball is a squeaker to engage your pup. It also has fabric legs that we haven’t been able to rip off!

This toy comes in a bunch of different colors and it has different fabric options! Mom got us the smaller size but if you have larger dogs then it comes in large and extra large!

GoughNuts Ring Toy

105530_PT2._AC_SL1500_V1480618597_.jpgGoughNuts Ring Toy is a safe and tough chew toy! It’s made with USA engineered carbon reinforcement. These toys have two layers. The inner layer is always red to serve as a safety warning. If a dog chews down to the red layer then you know it’s time to get a new one. What’s great is that if your dog manages to chew down to the red layer then the company will replace the toy free of charge. They really believe in the durability and toughness of their product!

The Hurley Dog Bone from West Paw was created with tough chewers in mind. West Paw is a great company to buy toys from because they use safe and non-toxic materials for their toys and their toys are FDA compliant (safe to eat off of them). Furthermore, all of their toys are made in the United States.

We love the Hurley Dog Bone because it is bendy, fun to gnaw on, and it floats in the water. This toy comes in green, orange, and blue! There’s also different sizes because the company gets that even us little guys can be tough chewers.


Also if your pup happens to destroy one of these toys the company will replace them if you send the pieces back!


Multipet Nuts for Knots Heavy Duty Rope with Tug is another good toy for dogs who chew through most other toys! This toy is super durable and available in multiple sizes and colors!


We love classic rope toys! We think a rope toy is a must for your furry pals. The Top Paw 4 Knot Rope keeps us engaged and entertained. We enjoy playing tug-a-war and fetch with this toy. Mom says this toy is perfect for vigorous chewers because she hasn’t had to buy a new one yet! This toy is also available in different colors!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 1.20.27 PM.png
Milo and Luna with their Rope Toy

Luna with her Nylabone (4 months old)
Nylabone DuraChew Double Bone Chew Toys

This is one of our favorites! We have a bunch of these Nylabone DuraChew Double Bone Chew Toys. These have lasted us a long time and are still in good shape! Mom recommends these because we haven’t been able to rip them apart like we have some of the other bones she’s bought us. Comes in different sizes!

If your pup eats too fast…

KONG Gyro Toy

If your pup eats too quickly then we recommend the KONG Gyro Toy! Milo eats very quickly and often doesn’t chew his food. The humans got him this so that he wouldn’t choke on his food.

This toy is also very entertaining and keeps us occupied. It is made with a center spinning orb and a static out ring, which encourages us to push and roll the toy around in order for it to dispense food/treats. The more your pet pushes this toy the more treats come out! This toy is available in small and large!

KONG Wobbler Toy

The KONG Wobbler Toy is mentally stimulating and good for fast eaters and vigorous chewers! It’s very wobbly which is how it gets its name. We have fun chasing it around and trying to control it!

This toy also works as a food dispenser! Milo eats his food way too fast and this has slowed him down significantly and made him think which entertains him for hours.

Tux Treat Toy

The Tux Treat Toy and the Tizzi Dog Toy from West Paws are some of our absolute favorite toys (probably because Mom often stuffs it with frozen treats). They’re both for tough chewers like us.

Mom likes to stuff the Tux Treat Toy with frozen fruit or with wet food and then stick it in the freezer. This toy really keeps us entertained for hours, which Mom likes.

Tizzi Dog Toy

The Tizzi Dog Toy is awesome! You just twist the handles and then your dog has to work to get the treats free. Poppy is still a baby so these toys are too hard for her but this is good for older dogs that destroy almost all the other toys you buy them!

Plus these toys are good for just chewing and games of fetch.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Mat

The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Mat from PetSmart is perfect for puppies and dogs that eat too fast. We use this for Poppy because she eats so fast she sometimes chokes on her food. This mat slows her down and prevents bloat and indigestion in the process. It comes in different colors and sizes. We have it in hot pink!

Multiset Look Who’s Talking Duck Plush Dog Toy

Other Toys We Love!

This Multiset Look Who’s Talking Duck Plush Dog Toy is Casper’s absolute favorite toy! It makes a realistic quacking sound when we bite it. It has no external plastic parts that can be accidentally ingested so it’s safe to leave alone with your pet! We don’t recommend this toy for pets that are afraid of squeakers!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 1.22.33 PM

We own a couple of these because Casper loves them so much! They also have them available in different animals. We only have the duck so we don’t know what the other animals sound like.

KONG SqueakAir Tennis Balls Dog Toy

We love to play fetch! These are great for getting your dogs attention and playing fetch because they offer an extra feature that regular tennis balls don’t have: they squeak. We are big fans of the squeaky toys! We love to race each other to see who can get the ball first and bring it back to Mom. These are a cheap and easy essential toy for your dog’s toy bin!

Top Paw® Play Round Giraffe Dog Toy
Top Paw® Play Round Elephant Dog Toy

We love these toys from PetSmart! They are made with round squeaker (their entire body is the squeaker. The noise these make entertains us for hours. They’re also soft and cute! We have both the giraffe and the elephant!

Poppy with her Sentry Good Behavior Cuddlin’ Companion Bone

The dog toy by Sentry is awesome because it’s soft and we love to chew it! However, this toy is not for vigorous chewers because they will rip it apart. We haven’t managed to rip this yet though! This toy is calming for dogs because it has pheromone technology that mimics a pheromone mother dogs produce. Mom has noticed we are calmer after playing with it!

*Side note: we do not recommend this brands calming chews. They definitely work and made us calm and sleepy but they also made us throw up! The hoomans returned them and won’t buy them again. A lot of people recommend these though so maybe it is just because we are small dogs and they’re better for big dogs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Poppy with her toys (Rooster is from ED by Ellen Degeneres)

We love ED by Ellen Degeneres toy collection! We are especially into crinkle toys and they keep us entertained for hours plus they’re super cute. Here are some of our favorites to play with:

Owl Flattie – Crinkle
Monkey Rope Body – Plush, Squeaker
Mouse Rope Tail – Plush & Squeaker
Pig Flattie – Crinkle
Chipmunk Flattie – Crinkle & Squeaker

We hope you found this helpful and all your four-legged friends find the perfect toys!


The Little Aussies

🌙Luna, 👻Casper , 🐷Milo (Porkchop), and 🌺Poppy

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