Maras Collection by Paco & Lucia

I have long been a huge fan of Paco & Lucia, so I was understandably super excited when the company launched their new Maras Collection. This collection features three water-resistant coats lined with cozy faux lambswool and a multi-season reversible raincoat. I couldn’t resist and I snagged three jackets from this collection and might have to go for the forth!

What I love most about these jackets is that they’re both beautiful and sensible. When the temperature drops my little pups need something extra to help protect them from the cold weather. Another bonus is that these jackets are super easy to clean, which is why I don’t mind letting my rowdy pups roll in the mud with them on.

You can find the collection here. Also keep an eye out for a giveaway that we will have on our Instagram page this weekend! You have a chance to win one of these beautiful coats for your pup if you enter! Our instagram can be found here.

Cosmo (@mydoodcosmo) is wearing the Mayu.
Casper is in a previous collection’s jacket, Luna is in the Raymi, and Poppy is in the Apus.


The Raymi – “celebration”
The Apus – “spirit of the mountains”
The Yaku – “water”
Sansa (@sansa_ofthe_valley) in the reversible Yaku!
The Mayu –  “river”


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