Spread the Love Giveaway

We are hosting a giveaway on our Instagram page that’s all about spreading the love and giving back!

Social distancing may separate us physically but it can’t stop us from coming together virtually to support each other. One of the most beautiful things we’ve seen as a result of COVID-19 is the community’s response to helping others throughout these difficult times. COVID-19 is also affecting shelter animals due to an understandable decrease in donations and reduced hours. On the bright side there has been a surge in adoptions and many pets have found loving homes! We want to do our part to help shelter animals and the wonderful people that continue to work for them tirelessly throughout this pandemic, so we have partnered up with Paco and Lucia, Everything Doggo, and @sansa_ofthe_valley in our special Spread the Love Giveaway!

Enter to win one of two awesome prizes!



Our giveaway ends Sunday so if you’re interested head over to our post!



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