Molly Mutt

Our hoomans know the furniture belongs to us. There’s really nothing they can do about it. It’s not about them “letting” us on the couch. It’s about us letting them 🙂 .  We’ve taught our hoomans well.

To protect the couch the hoomans have bought blankets because heaven forbid there’s drool, leftover snacks, or our floof on the precious couch. We personally find the couch a great place to bring our snacks and don’t understand why the hoomans have a problem with this.

Anyway, we found some blankets to “protect” your couches from us “drooling beasts.” Molly Mutt sells an assortment of pet blankets that are comfy to curl up on to watch a movie. They’re also pretty stylish! Check them out:

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Lots of love, 

The Little Aussies

🌙Luna, 👻Casper , 🐷Milo (Porkchop), and 🌺Poppy

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